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  • June 11, 2021
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If you want to be a successful landlord and investor, your rental property should be easy to maintain. If you want to adapt the property to become low maintenance you will need to prepare quality materials and use simple tricks. We will propose to you 5 ways to make your property convenient, lasting, and attractive for your future tenants. 

  • Install long-lasting flooring

Carpets are cheaper than most of the flooring material, but it is not durable enough. They can get stained, damaged, and just simply get wear and tear. So, it is better to avoid using carpets in most of the house spaces and think of placing something else. The best options to use would be laminate, vinyl, or engineered hardwood. 

  • Provide a proper lightning

Every room in the property should have appropriate lighting which would be controlled by the switch. Usually, light fixtures are located in the middle of the ceiling fit the bill, but such fixtures as track lights and lights that work from switch outlets can make lightning more flexible. 

  • Make the kitchen easy to clean

To prevent wear and tear in the kitchen you need to think about some options that would help to make it long-lasting. So, for example, countertops need to be plastic laminated or stone ones (ex. marble), rather than wooden, because it would be easy to clean, durable, and attractive. These materials can also allow you to bring up the rent price due to their luxury feature. 

Another thing that you should think about is the sink. It would be awesome if the sink would under-mount, so it is going to make the cleaning process easier because it is not going to catch crumbs and spills.

Cabinets are another part of the kitchen you should think of. Preferably it is supposed to be wooden because they are easier to clean, they won’t delaminate in the hot and moist kitchen environment and they are more durable.

Last, but not least is paint. Gloss paint would make the cleaning of the walls much easier without leaving a stain on the wall.

  • Think about doors and windows replacement

You should think about replacing all the damaged doors and windows. First of all, exterior doors. Steel and fiberglass doors will look as attractive as wooden doors if it would be painted properly. It will provide more security and more insulation. Also, think about door hardware for exterior doors. Think about having two locks on the door, one that can be opened from outside, staying on the door handle or know, and another one that can be opened only from the inside to provide more security. 

Second, interior doors. Think about installing plain, hollow-core doors and without panels or trim and with semi-gloss enamel, that can be easily be refreshed when needed. If you prefer more decorative doors- install the panel ones without trim around.

Another thing you should think of is windows. While replacing the windows avoid the models with cracks or easy breakable handles. 

  • Check the plumbing and foundation

The age of the property affects the wear and tear of the plumbing and foundation. So, before looking for potential tenants hire a professional who will properly check out the plumbing and foundation of the property. Think about replacing old faucets, because it can help you to avoid more spendings on the repair while tenants will leave there. 

Don’t forget to make routine yearly inspections. Check all the state laws what is considered excessive and provide tenants notice before them entering the property. Also, mention to your tenants about their responsibility to inform you about any maintenance issue promptly during their living at the property.

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